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by Kiss Me Zombie

Smile & Nope - Laser cut acrylic speech bubble pin brooches

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Get ready to make a statement with our white pearly acrylic laser-cut speech bubble pin brooches! Hand-painted and full of personality, these quirky accessories are perfect for adding a touch of fun to any outfit. One brooch says "Smile," reminding you to spread joy wherever you go, while the other says "Nope," because sometimes you just need to keep it real—especially if someone (a man) asks you to smile 😜. Designed to be worn together or separately, these pins let you express yourself with style and sass. Join the movement of self-expression and empowerment through fashion, one speech bubble at a time. Pin one or both on and let your personality shine bright!

• Size: 3cm x 2,5cm each - 1,18 inches x 0,79 each.
• Material: White pearly acrylic, brass pin brooch.
• Slowly handcrafted to last in Marseille, France.
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