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by Kiss Me Zombie

Jump in the line - Blue resin flower hoop earrings

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Step right up, fearless fashionistas! Behold our latest masterpiece: the blue flower blossom statement earrings!

Imagine yourself, confidently striding down the street, these beauties swinging from your lobes like a declaration of independence. With vibrant blue resin petals and delicately hand-painted details, these earrings aren't just accessories—they're statements!

These hoops are lightweight wonders, perfect for all-day wear. Plus, they're hypoallergenic, made from stainless steel.

Whether jazzing up your jeans and tee combo or adding flair to your power suit, these blue flower blossom babes remind you that fashion is your playground. So, grab them, flaunt them, and let your inner goddess shine! 👑

 Length: hoops diameter is 2,5cm (1 inch) - flower is 3,5cm (1,34 inches) - total length from top to bottom is 6cm (2,36 inches).
 Materials: resin, stainless steel
 Slowly handmade to last, in Marseille, France.

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