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by Kiss Me Zombie

Summertime - Resin flower clip-on earrings

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Ready to blossom into style stardom? Say hello to our blue and white marbled resin flower clip-on earrings! Handcrafted with love and a touch of whimsy, these statement-sized blooms are like a garden party for your ears.

Picture yourself strolling through life, turning heads with every step, and feeling as empowered as a superhero in stilettos (or in sneakers 😜). Whether you're jazzing up your work attire or adding flair to your weekend brunch ensemble, these earrings are your trusty sidekick.

Made for the daring souls who aren't afraid to stand out, they're a quirky conversation starter that screams, "I'm fabulous and I know it!" So, go ahead, clip them on, and let your inner fashionista bloom brighter than ever before!

β€’ Length: 7.5cm - 2, 95 inches.
β€’ Material: resin, laser cut acrylic, silvertone brass clip-on and silicon pad.
β€’ Slowly handmade to last in Marseille, France.

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