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by Kiss Me Zombie

Ariel - Starfishes earrings

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Get ready to make a splash with our starfishes earrings!

Handcrafted from laser-cut acrylic and resin, these babies boast hand-painted details that'll have you feeling beachy keen.

Lightweight and hypoallergenic, they're perfect for all-day wear. Plus, with stainless steel studs, rust and tarnish are mere myths, because who needs earrings that turn into shipwrecks after a few wears?

So whether you're seaside chic or just making waves in the office, these earrings are your ticket to standout style. Dive into the fun and let your inner mermaid shine! 🌊✨


Length: 8cm - 3,15 inches
Materials: resin, laser-cut acrylic, stainless steel
Slowly handmade to last in Marseille, France

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