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by Kiss Me Zombie

Daydream - Resin sea horse with freshwater pearls statement hoop earrings

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Ahoy, fashion mavens! Elevate your style with our seahorse hoop earrings! Handcrafted from pink glitter resin, these whimsical wonders evoke seaside treasures. Each seahorse is adorned with a cream freshwater pearl, adding elegance to your look. Lightweight resin and hypoallergenic stainless steel hoops ensure comfort for your delicate lobes. Whether strolling along the shore or dazzling at soirées, these earrings exude aquatic allure. Let your style sparkle like the sun on ocean waves! 🌊🐚

 Hoop diameter : 22mm (0,87 inch)
Seahorse : 6cm (2,36 inches)
Total length including pearl is 8cm (3,15 inches)
 Materials: stainless steel, resin, freshwater pearl
• Slowly handmade to last in Marseille, France.

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