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by Kiss Me Zombie

Wade in the water - Scallop shell hoop earrings

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Dive into the waves of style with our lightweight laser-cut acrylic scallop shell earrings! 🐚 Hand-painted details add a splash of personality while gold-plated hypoallergenic stainless steel hoops keep you shining all day long. Whether you're beach-bound or city chic, these statement pieces are a must-have for any fashionista looking to make waves. Plus, they're as light as a sea breeze, so you can strut your stuff without feeling weighed down. So, go ahead, add a touch of coastal charm to your ensemble and let your inner mermaid shine! 🌊✨

 Length: top to bottom around 4cm - 1,57 inches
 Hoops diameter: 18mm - 0,7 inches
 Scallop shell: 3cm - 1,18 inches
 Materials: Acrylic, gold plated stainless steel
 Slowly handmade to last in Marseille, France
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