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About kiss me zombie

Serving people who dress like they mean it since 2009

Offering playful, creative, and original statement jewelry that's handmade in France and built to last. My collection of eclectic jewelry is all about having fun, embracing your true self, and celebrating your own personal style. I strongly believe that self-expression through fashion matters, and I encourage creativity in how we dress. It's a feeling that brings joy and self-confidence, and that empowerment is truly remarkable, don't you think?

On a mission to fight sameness by handcrafting unique and eclectic jewelry, one piece at a time.

Are you tired of getting lost in a sea of sameness regarding dressing or shopping? Does the mere mention of minimalism make you want to scream? Are you creeped out by mainstream fashion? Do you prefer supporting small woman-led businesses over anonymous mass production? If so, you've come to the right place!

Hello, my name is!

Allow me to introduce myself, dear you. My name is Elena, and I founded Kiss Me Zombie back in 2009 because I wanted to offer something completely different. My brand embodies boldness, creativity, colorfulness, and playfulness. It's a one-woman small business. I take pride in handcrafted my pieces myself in Marseille, France and in small batches to minimize waste, plus caring for them is a breeze.

Support small businesses

By choosing my eclectic jewelry, you're not just making a purchase. You're making a personal statement. You see beyond the world of fast fashion and mass production that surrounds us today. By wearing handmade pieces from myself or other artisans out there, bought directly to them, you're directly contributing to their livelihoods - remember that your choice matters. You provide a fair living, free from exploitation. It's a beautiful way to make a difference while adding a touch of uniqueness to your style.

Together with your support for small businesses like mine (and many others), we can create a more sustainable world where compassion thrives alongside style and individuality. So let's join forces and celebrate the power of supporting unique ventures like mine while adding an extra touch of uniqueness to your own personal style at the same time!

Join this unique journey where self-expression meets empowerment.

I encourage creativity in how we dress, and I firmly believe that it should bring joy and self-confidence, allowing you to shine in your own unique way. After all, isn't it empowering to feel amazing in what you wear?

This belief is at the core of my mission. I strive to provide jewelry that not only complements your unique style but also empowers you to express yourself authentically.

Together, let's celebrate individuality and make a statement that lasts.

I invite you to join me on this journey of self-expression and empowerment. Are you ready to embark on this exciting adventure?


Meet the maker - 

Well, "this must be the place" where I tell you that I've always loved everything jewelry - insert the reference to the grandma here - followed by the part about being obsessive about jewelry since my childhood. Not, that's not true, but instead, let me tell you a story about a girl expressing herself through fashion. Being fiercely herself, no matter what. I was working in the music industry for almost a decade when I started making my first pieces on a dare and it was love at first sight. Pretty soon after that, I ditched my old life and never looked back (but that's a story for later and it's a good salty one, so stay tuned!). Joke aside, what I've always known and enjoyed is the power of dressing up. I do believe in looking good, feeling good (well, that's simple, but it helps for sure, and music, obviously). That's what you'll find in my jewelry. I take what I make very seriously, hoping you find the joy and the empowerment I find in dressing like you mean it.