About kissmezombie

Playful artisan statement jewelry for the bold and the singular.


Kiss me zombie is a French brand of maximalist statement jewelry with an unusual twist, slowly handmade in very limited edition in our French studio to last. Fighting dullness & sameness, one unpredictable, fun piece of jewelry at a time since 2009!

We help you express your uniqueness & your true fabulous self with uncommon jewelry. We serve creative, daring souls who believe in the power of fashion statements and dressing like they mean it.

Kiss me zombie stands for kindness, authenticity, creativity, and being fiercely ourselves. We aim to make our jewelry a talisman that makes you feel fresh, powerful and special.

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About me -  

My name is Eléna. I am the self taught artisan and designer behind Kiss Me Zombie. For as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated by self expression and those who dare to express who they truly are or what they feel whether it was with words, music, fashion or any kind of art. I've always dressed boldly, I've never been too afraid to make a fashion statement, I love strong pieces that make you feel joy and confidence. I believe in the power of dressing up and to express who you are. That's why I started Kiss Me Zombie in 2009. I wanted to share that sense of joy, of playful creative moments, that empowering feeling that is fashion to me. Before that I've worked for a decade in the soul crushing place that was the music industry. I've kept the music, the spirit and ditched the industry and I have never looked back.