Serving people who dress like they mean it since 2009 with playful, creative statement jewelry handmade in France to last. Our eclectic jewelry is to have fun, be yourself, and celebrate your own style.

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  • Unusual jewelry to fight sameness

    Life's too short to wear boring jewelry. Embrace your unique style and let our playful statement jewelry work their magic. With a splash of color and a burst of personality, they'll transform any outfit into a vibrant masterpiece. Let your jewelry do the talking and express yourself through fashion.

  • Handmade in France quality

    All my jewelry is handmade in Marseille, France, by me. I received the title of Artisan d'Art in 2016. I handmade all the jewelry myself in small batches to limit my waste and I source the material needed the best I can. As an independent artisan brand, I focus on quality over quantity.

  • Indy artisanal brand

    Big corporations? no thanks! Buying from small businesses means supporting dreams, sparking creativity, and building communities. Join the movement, make a difference, and have a blast doing it! Let's ditch the mainstream and embrace the magic of one-of-a-kind finds from small brands.